Thursday, January 5, 2012

smoke and mirrors of your own judgement

Philosophy of Darbz ... a friend of mine made a status comment of " " The way people treat you is just a projection of themselves.... great comment .. We are so quick to judge others are we not ?? . We do it without realising . and then to make matters worse we justify it to ourselves .. I am slowly learning through experiance that I can be all I can be by just looking inwards to my heart and trying so so hard not to externalise my world . Unfortunately the world and the way we live has kind of conditioned us .. but some where in side you is as pure un touched cell .. find it and nuture it so it may multiply the goodness that we all were born with though out you r physical body and teach you to love just you ......thank you that is all ..... Gary Gary Darbz Darbyshire (c) 2011 ....................

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