Thursday, January 5, 2012

is it time or is it not ?

Philosophy of Darbz ,,,,As the year comes to an end again , imagine for a moment if there was no need to think about the concept of time .. Would you plan as much in to your day , week , month ? at work , home , career .. I am quickly learning that time is not linear and that our paths if we should call them that life should not be about the destination of our life but more about the journey we take ,, though even that sounds linear in approach I guess in essence I am saying as you live in the moment reach out for the experiances you may wish for and seek out to find them as part of who you are not as when you are .... expand outwards and around you not infront of you or behind you so you see a universe of multi dimensional opportunities if you wish to allow them to manifest or not .......

Gary Darbz Darbyshire 2011 December (c)

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