Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Father Which Art In Heaven .......

So So  beautiful a voice and so beautiful a song.  Whether you are spiritual or not appreciate the words and how they help us all in who we are .

With such emotion words can convey much

As I sit hear at nearly midnight with tears streaming down my face I simply thank who ever gave me the chance to be on this earth and thank them for all  I am , have and and will be ...and think back to the day I nearly turned my back on life and feel ashamed at my ineptitude to not love myself then . I have moved forward though since then and thank the lord every day for allowing me to breathe life in to others ..

I also pray for all of you to be all that you are and all you can be and thank you al for being part of my life as i continue to try to spread hope and inspire happiness the world over with my posts ..

Blessing to each and every one of in which ever way your own faith receives them ,or in how ever you wish to think of my thoughts an energy ..

Love light and healing

Gary Darbyshire

                The Lords Prayer featuring Andrea Bocelli 

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