Friday, July 16, 2010

Two cups of coffee and a chocolate bickkie


Hi everyone ..

It' s Saturday Morning 17th of July 2010 and counting ..

Ahhh first cup of coffee ..

As I sit here in front of my PC with my cup of coffee  thinking random thoughts , I wonder just what is going on in the world of my readers .. the blog is now rocking along sure we dont have millions of readers but it is slowly spreading and for me the idea is simply to put it out there for you all to share .

I wonder what my readers in Africa do on a Saturday morning  .. or how cold it may be in one of my readers homes in Estonia or Norway ..  I often think what makes you happy in your country and why you choose to do the jobs you do or the life you live . I wonder how it  would be cool to be able to visit all of you even for a coffee some time ..

Then I wonder if what my work does here on my blog is making an impact . I wonder if the person who wanted to end it all is still with us or the persons friend who was having a real hard time is ok . I wonder if I offend any one with my posts .

I guess thats the first cup of coffee I have ...

The second cup of coffee 

Well by now the drug is waking my little mind up the the reality of the world we live in  but as I have a little  sugar in there , I feel a little softer in mood . I look at the tragedy in the world today . I look at the people that are homeless , I look at people who live in adverse poverty and I think with sadness at  wars still raging in parts of the world .

You know it is so easy for me as I look out of my window and see the mountains behind me and the beach a few minutes away to be so great but I also feel how blessed I am to be in this world right now to even tell you th story .  Many of you who have read my blog know I have suffered from depression and have grappled with issues . Many of you have also had your own issues in life that you have over come them and many of  you are still managing them ... but through this we just keep at it ...

I guess what I am trying to get across here is that we are all on this planet to see , experience many things but one thing we experience above all others is our own uniqueness and our own existence ..  It is this unique individually wrapped body we vacate with out heart and soul that makes us special and different .  And above all else in the world we should in my humble opinion look after all we have with in our being  not just physically but spiritually or mindfully ..

Time for the Chocolate Bickkie   ( biscuit )

We are here to experience all the world has to offer but I feel we are here to experience  the highest levels of feeling that go with those experience . I believe each and every one of us has a reason for being and though at times we question that I believe that ultimately we will know what it may be ..  So no matter the issues you have look at them as part of your journey and think that you are experiencing life ..  I know you may say how could you wish that !!!  . Its a bit like progression .. we all learn from experience ?? there for life has a way of helping us ..

In closing just enjoy being who you are , where you live and be grateful for all things around you and enjoy the love you give to others and the love you gain in return ... Love though your self first before other because it is the love for you that allows you to willingly care for the world you live in and the affects yo have on it

Blessings to you all ...

Gary Darbyshire

The view from my window here in Wollongong 
Photo taken by my gorgeous Daughter Adelina 

Comments any one ????????????

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Father Which Art In Heaven .......

So So  beautiful a voice and so beautiful a song.  Whether you are spiritual or not appreciate the words and how they help us all in who we are .

With such emotion words can convey much

As I sit hear at nearly midnight with tears streaming down my face I simply thank who ever gave me the chance to be on this earth and thank them for all  I am , have and and will be ...and think back to the day I nearly turned my back on life and feel ashamed at my ineptitude to not love myself then . I have moved forward though since then and thank the lord every day for allowing me to breathe life in to others ..

I also pray for all of you to be all that you are and all you can be and thank you al for being part of my life as i continue to try to spread hope and inspire happiness the world over with my posts ..

Blessing to each and every one of in which ever way your own faith receives them ,or in how ever you wish to think of my thoughts an energy ..

Love light and healing

Gary Darbyshire

                The Lords Prayer featuring Andrea Bocelli 

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