Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Listen to your soul sing

Listen to the vibrations you feel sometimes as you grapple the day ahead Now step back a moment and break the moment down in to a single momentary breath 

Listen to your heart and in between feel the small vibration ??That's the singing of your soul So sing a song back in between the breaths you take in the gap of your life's moments 
to aid you in your day.

Now close your eyes and imagine floating through your soul ..

What do you see ?  

Soul Existence

What you see will be many paths , many lives and many minds which are all yours 

What you experience is up to you but in my journey back to happiness I have experienced the touch of my soul by listening deeply in side my mind and quietly reflecting on my situation   no matte how low I may feel . I try to focus on a little light force that will beat constantly and I wait in my mind till it comes by and picks up my sadness and takes me home to the  mother of my soul ...my heart....

Its not about God but more about the synergy between spirit and soul . I believe your spirit helps guide your soul in to the right direction and as planned as we may feel we may be we all have free will to change our path so when you search your soul for answers exercise that choice and when you are sad make happier choices .. 

Blessings to all my followers especially my newest ones ..

Gary Darbyshire 

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