Monday, May 24, 2010

" Are you goin to finish Strong "

Tears are pouring down my face right now as I look at my life and the worries I have about my self sometimes emotions of .....


I feel that I am so lucky in life to be who I am as I watch the following inspirational video . . I know I whinge about my issues in life and use my blog to vent my spleen .  but I realise know how fortunate my life really is and look at it a little differently

The simple things like

Walking along the beach and  feeling the sand between my toes and running to chase a seagull like a mad puppy dog who has no fear . clapping my hands in appreciation of some one who has done well .  Being able to hold my wife in my arms when she is crying or upset and just needs a cuddle . Or putting my arms around a friend to console them in difficult times ..  Being able to walk my daughter down the Aisle at her Wedding and waving at my son as he scores a goal at soccer .. Hugging my first child and holding him in my arms ....

Simple things I take for granted . ..

I watched this video posted on my Facebook page and just cried and cried ..  It makes me realise just who I am and how  my life is compared to others . I complain  about everything and nothing ,  I argue about everything and nothing .    Every one has potential in life and our souls are there to guide us ...may be its time we listened to our souls a little more . God already has a plan for me . of that I ma suer . I think it high time I put it in to action  rather than wallowing in my own self righteousness !!!

Emotionally we all take things for granted DON'T WE .. the video below reinforces just how wonderful we all are in the scheme of things and that no matter what our stumbling bocks we have in life . we are not alone but the key word here is in our life is  as Nick Vujicic says in the video

" Are you going to finish strong ?.............then you will find the strength to get back up "

Please watch this video and I ask that you please please share it with all your friends . To show that we are so blessed on this earth and we should all be grateful  no matter what . Nick speaks for us all

God Bless you all and all you have in your lives .. ...

Thank you

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