Saturday, April 3, 2010

Its your soul and your journey and no one is trying to race you !!!

one of my readers said to me  on facebook 

(  SIC ) 4th April 2010

Thank you for what you offer. I have such a long way to go to get where you are. I know that once a person, a human has suffered a real depression in their soul or spirit, it will always be there for who they are. So I don't doubt that you still struugle with what your depression means to you. Yet you offer insight and grace to the human experience through your sharing. I thank you for that, because it helps me to know that I am not alone in my human experiences..
Thank you Gary.

Here is my response :

I think my experience has taught me that the human spirit learns to take on board a new strength . it is as if you are quietly taken on a journey through the many lives of your soul all the while healing  those parts of your current life that hurt so much . Once you get through the other side ....just keep going !!!

Appreciating more of your self and not being over concerned about others who may pitch a fork on your road . Though some times you may fall over . you have to get back up . it is not like those who have suffered mental illness are seeking any kind of emotion from others . it is just that may be we have seen the universe in a different light and though are not victims of who we are but have a different soul path

Our journeys all for all of us   are  different

I have 128 friends listed here    every single one of you are on a different path . for what ever the reason you are all part of my journey in some way or another  and i guess we are all brought together to learn something from each other ...

May be for me it is to help others feel good about them selves Hey it is all different ....

Who ever or what ever created this for us has a plan . We don't really need to know exactly what it is . we do however have the ability to make choices to how we read the map that our soul has embedded ..

Life  is here to be lived ... Its your choice all of you

Its you journey . its your happiness

Make it happen ..... but for you , but for you ....

My kindest regards to all of you here who read my blogs . I really hope I make a small difference to how you live your lives . I am touched by you r kind words . i wish more people could see my work .. please share me if you wish or don't ...

Gary Darbyshire
Author :

Journey back to happiness

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