Thursday, April 1, 2010

I am only Human but will try harder to love

I am only Human , But I will try harder to love 

As the Christian world  reflects on the easter celebrations of good Friday I found this video while enjoying some more music after a chorus practice with my Accapella group lat night in Wollongong  where I live .while watching the haunting video and truly amazing sound from the beautiful singers ,  I wept openly at the fortune in my life and looked to the heavens and thanked everyones  God that must be up there in one divine looking down on us 

In my mind I saw my family and I saw how even through troubled waters in my life that I really am just a human and as mistake ridden as I am as we I live to learn in my journey back to happiness . I live to understand just what it is that the big bloke on the top floor has planned for me . 

So I say to those out there I have hurt , disappointed , let down .  berated ,  humiliated , made feel unworthy , showed anger to , excluded , sought attention of  ,  been selfish to , taken advantage of , gossiped of , lied to , deceived of or passed judgment on shown dis respect towards , shunned , made fun of , 

I am   human and not made to be perfect  

Please forgive me

   I am but human and still learning 

I say to my family from my wife  Yolanda     to my brother in law   Joe   to my children  to my mother and to my father ..and Step father ...

I will try to be the best  dad 
I will try to be the best son 
I will try to be the best Brother 
I will try to be the best husband 
I will try to be the best brother in law 
I will try to be the best Uncle 
I will try to be the best family member 

Please forgive me 

I am but human and willing to learn 

to all my friends and the rest of the world 

Please forgive me as I am simply human

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