Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You are loved ...

To all my followers let me say to you all

You are loved .... 

I have been a little remiss of late in posting . I do apologize . I have had some searching with in my soul to do . I have been a little down .  Some times when we are down a little we need to be reminded that no matter what we think or feel about ourselves that , or if we feel we are not loved now that no matter what  that we are truly loved even if we feel no one in the world cares about us . 

Of late I  have wandered through my soul to find answers to my reason for being and if I have  been a burden to others in this journey to happiness,   if what I am writing here is worth while or just a guy looking for attention ., to feed his ego , to fuel his validation , to seek your approval ..

I care so much for people who have suffered in life as much as I care for people who do not care about others in life . to me we all have purpose here . some of us take a little longer to find it . 

When it finds you ..... when it finds.....   you you will know it .....

My journey twists and turns and as I walk through the dark forest today I know that there is sun trying to get through to me so I will keep trudging along till it hits me in the face ..  I know  that I love me and that is all that matters isn't it ??

 I worry not what others think or say about me ...!!!!!

So I guess at least I know I am loved by me , even if you are told you are not loved you can always count on you .... 

Bless  you all and enjoy my offerings today .. 

Gary D .. :(

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