Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An excerpt from my Book (2) part 1

Bringing out my past soul memories ….
As he made his way along the beach with the  sun trying ever so hard to slow him down as if being directed by another source , he continued to push his now heavily burdened soul through the refreshing white water, as it lapped up against him to say hello like a puppy dog tugging at his ankle
After three days his mind was awash with memories of a past he had to live again .  A past where up until recently was of only one track , missing the other side of the record .  The “ B “ side . finally after 45 years of existence on this planet deep seeded emotions were now bubbling below the surface .
Gary looked inside his mind and saw his alter ego walking through the cold recesses   scouring on graffiti ladened walls of his soul  where etched in darkened crevices were the emotions he had forgotten how to use …
The last three  days had seen him learn much of his father’s experience .  Well at least the jigsaw pieces that had been missing for so long were at least on the board .  he now understood a little more about emotions which until now hew had fought to understand . repressed memories of a different life to which now looked so so foreign .now had a chance to come out and talk to him
He would not stop walking this path until he was able to talk to his soul and summoned all the issues forward to then deal with and get to know personally . there was no turning back in his mind now .. 
It was going to be a long road to walk and as the sun disappeared behind  the clouds above him he knew the summoning was about to begin .. He would meet his past and bring it back to the future . He …..

……….To be continued ….. on my journey back to happiness  ..
Gary Darbyshire

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