Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dare to dream with your eyes open

Dare to dream with your eyes open 

If we spend a moment in our busy day to just reflect  who we are and why we are here,  even if we don't quite know ,  We open our minds to wonderful opportunities .  Meditation and self reflection are ways of looking in to our souls . Inspiring music and pictures like these below are an example of creating a multimedia experience for us to just be ...

As my journey continues and as I heal  , I look back at times when I was down and perplexed with life . The one constant I had which kept me on an even keel if only for a moment was the synergy of music words and the visuals my sad mind would conjour up . As I meditated I allowed my self to wonder what may be and where I may be or when may I be . Inspiring music allowed me to attract positive thoughts into my mind ..

Imagine the beautiful visuals Andrea Bocelli must have when he sings this song knowing he cannot see like many of us .   Use all the senses you have to heighten your experience of life if you are not a full sensory person learn to be so you may experience all that God created you to be .

Dare to dream with your eyes open, 
Allow your soul to record the history of how you feel
Store the hope your heart  pumps through every part of your being 
Cherish the moment of your prayers and be at peace with you always 

Enjoy the video .and dream with those eyes open ...

Gary Darbyshire 2010

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