Friday, February 19, 2010

“ Where to now God ??? “

Written in the year 2000 over ten years ago . A piece that pushed boundaries and at the time when in my journey my mind was being stretched by so many variables such as job loss , parentals issues and personal struggles . It was a time of darkness . it was a time where i was really struggling with my own existence  as a human being . I have talked of lower level emotions and this poem certainly touches those .  there are more of my works to come . this is just a taste ,,,     Bless you all …


Gary Darbyshire  20/2/2010

Where to Now God ?

I struggle choking back tears

Why is my life so cruel ?

What is it that God sees in me ?

In my existence I wonder why I be

Do I deserve the torture ?

Who am I really kidding , my words or my voice ?

Does God have meaning for me in the world ?

If he does . please show me God for I am confused with life right now

Like  a fork in the road


I love my family though I’m struggling to show .

My heart cries out,   where do I go

You show me now signs ,  just more tests

I love my wife she shelters my soul though

Even she isn’t with me when I m down

When I wonder what its is you have planned for my journey in life

Do your disciples feel I am wasting my time

Why do send your demons to haunt my mind ?

Have I disappointed you so much to be scorned ?


Just say the words I long to hear for I feel god that I will never hear !!

My life is a misery but I will try my best to serve you , so please God

show me some light , don't let me stop or give up my life , show me the way

back to your heart and tell my wife that i love here and I am deeply sorry and

that I do indeed care ….



Gary Darbyshire © 2000   13/11-


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