Friday, February 19, 2010

Wake Up Your Mind Today

( a meditation for your soul ) .. please try this at home 

Breathe in through your heart , Breathe out through your mind
Breathe in all the splendor that God creates and allow it to circulate through your inner most self . Let your self be lifted by the purity and cleanse your thoughts of impurity and darkness as you breathe in . Now  feel the joy of what is made up for today ..

Now with all inside your heart , breathe out through your mind and allow your self to hear your heart talk,laugh , sing and heal,  though also love as you breathe out through your mind

Allow yourself to simply feel your spirit around you to receive positive energy through your mind and keep breathing and carefully between the words  listen to what your soul is trying to say to you and allow your self
to make it part of your day …

Gary Darbyshire  28/07/2005   © copyright 2005 .

Gee I wrote  that…???? then ?? .. hmmm..

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