Friday, February 19, 2010

Spirit of Self

This was written on the same evening of the previous work . I use my writing to help journey deep in side my mind to seek out what may be troubling my soul and try to some how feel my self healing by my words . I hope you enjoy this piece ..Please share the post with those on you friends list if they may benefit ..

Love to you all Gary

Spirit of Self


Touch my hand and you shall feel me

Hear my voice and you shall know me

See my face and you shall realise me


Touch your hand and I try to feel you

Hear your voice and I try to listen

See your face and I feel your heart


Bring out your anger and set it free

Cry out your sadness and let it be

Know my name and know it is me

Open your heart and open it to me

So my heart may show you the way


Gary Darbyshire  © 2000   13/11-

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