Saturday, February 13, 2010

Join me , I’m having a moment !!!

During  therapy I was often told not to think about what hasn’t happened  . during my time with my Psych dude I wondered what really is the point . I thought

“ Why am I not further ahead in time here , why am I stuck here in the moment “

Today I heard of the tragedy of the Georgian Luger and how he died . It saddened me to think that it happened so fast in a matter of seconds his life went from total excitement and exhilaration to tragedy .  A tragedy  in any ones mind .  

How many times have you tried to hurry your life ?? Go on ask your self .  Right now it is raining here where I live in Australia and I wonder geez just hurry up and stop raining . I wonder what power I have to shift the moment !!!  .

Guess life doesn’t work like that . I believe  our lives are a series of moments . Some happy some sad , some angry , some ecstatic , some intimate , some confusing , some funny  some non plus , some humiliating , some proud , some lonely ….

Get the picture .. ???

May be we focus too much on how to get there  rather than the journey and its experiences .  You know my life is no different to yours . Except for the moments in between …

My Psych and one special other tell me to live for now and not worry for what may or may not happen to enjoy the moment . It is the one particle of life that allows me to stop breathing and just live in a freefall as I experience  It is some thing that no on can interfere with and often cannot be planned and as my daughter says

“ That's so Random “ ..

So I encourage you all to live the moment as it is the greatest gift you have and know that living in the moment prepares you for al that my come you way ..

So I would define life as millions of moments for us all to experience . Some planned yet many unplanned .. I guess My Psych was right in saying I cannot always  think what may or may not happen in the future , but I can have a say in the moment . and may be that's the point … while you are in the moment you are able to think a lot more clearly as nothing else matters and may be in that moment just may be you may help your future a little ...   ( There's one for Quantum thinking ) ...

  Be all you can be and live the moment !!!!

Ok . have a look at the video to understand my view a little better ..
See you all soon ….  Gary Darbyshire ….on a journey to happiness

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