Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Be all you can be and all that you are

Be all that you can be and all that you are to be . Never for a moment allow your self to be told other wise . No matter where you are in life at the moment . Know that your truth of who you are will allow you to move forward .

Life has always had a way of telling me  and the more and more I try to reject my calling in life the harder it seems to get .. Its like my soul yearns to be free to wonder the world and experience all that is good in the world yet a part of me does not wish to put out and live that truth ..

Some one told me a few days ago .


“ Don’t live a fake life ,   don’t put on an act

to  suit others  Just be you . “


Its like an inner voice tells me to listen . To really listen to what rings true inside and go with it . To believe that all things are possible to believe life is great and there is no reason I should be a part of it .

However well I am I realise to be really well I need to breathe the truth of my soul through every vein of my body . In the last post I talked about the need to love my self . Depression is a little bit of a menace at times as it taints those feelings making you see the world ion a very different light almost as if through a veil of dis trust . as if love is a competitor in your quest to be free .

I used to think who could love such a pathetic soul . who would put up with one so humiliated , so low in esteem so brash with the malicious intent on hurting not just the feelings of others but in the feelings of himself ..

I think through my therapy I learned how to ever so slowly listen to my voices in a different way . I learned that it is ok to be sad but not to be sad all  the time . I learned it was ok to be angry but not every day . I learned it was ok to love and it was ok to love me every day .


“ Please God I’m ready to learn ”



I learned that if I let people in I may learn that I was ok any way ….that no one could harm me, that if I loved my self and cared about my own dignity I would learn to move forward .  At times writing this blog and my book are is very difficult as I grapple with emotional dissonance .  I know that there is no excuse for sitting with my security blanket and covering my eyes . I know I must at some stage realise my life is great now and that I can be all that  I put my mind to and all that my soul is doing  is guiding me through a few narrow channels until the levels even out again .

So my moral today is love all there is about your self . look at life as a gift from God and an opportunity for your soul to take a journey through many emotions , some good some bad , and while on that journey its up to you to help guide that soul too so you both arrive safely to ,,,,,, well where ever Gods pathway will take you on your journey to happiness


Love to all ..

Gary Darbyshire  © 2010 ..

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