Sunday, February 28, 2010

A little magic for all of you to live positive lives


  Change the colour of your day


May the Sun smile down on your heart and sing a song of happiness every time you praise your self for how wonderful you really are and even if you don’t ,  may the sun shine more happiness on your soul than ever before… 

Within the deepest chasms of our mind lays a tiger not yet born waiting to unleash all power from within and from the depths of the universe there is a golden sunshine to catch  the smallest of sunshine from the furthest star

From my heart love pours

From my God wisdom flows

so I am happier now in my soul ,  because I know it will be a good day ,

So love  one another and live beyond fear

Cry not the sadness you may feel

Cry for the happiness that replenishes you heart and envelops your souls positive intention .

Worthiness is not for the meek as it is from strength within that changes your outlook on the world and all the life it has to offer you …

So make a little magic as you choose the colour of you day


Gary Darbyshire 2010  © copyright

Words to live by ( repost )

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves; “Who am I to be brilliant..talented…fabulous?” Who are you not to be? … Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us…. It’s not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Marianne Williamson

” A course in Miracles “


Gary Darbyshire

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Close your eyes and see You

Close Your Eyes 

When you close your eyes to sleep
You see the first thing you saw before you were born

You see peace 
You see love
You see affection 
You see warmth 
You see nurture 

Then when you open them in the morning for the first time you are at peace in that moment 

You feel warmth 
You smell affection 
And you know Love 

Close your eyes again 

Are you still there ??

You see you ....

Gary Darbyshire   copyrighted 2004 (c) 

Friday, February 19, 2010

Wake Up Your Mind Today

( a meditation for your soul ) .. please try this at home 

Breathe in through your heart , Breathe out through your mind
Breathe in all the splendor that God creates and allow it to circulate through your inner most self . Let your self be lifted by the purity and cleanse your thoughts of impurity and darkness as you breathe in . Now  feel the joy of what is made up for today ..

Now with all inside your heart , breathe out through your mind and allow your self to hear your heart talk,laugh , sing and heal,  though also love as you breathe out through your mind

Allow yourself to simply feel your spirit around you to receive positive energy through your mind and keep breathing and carefully between the words  listen to what your soul is trying to say to you and allow your self
to make it part of your day …

Gary Darbyshire  28/07/2005   © copyright 2005 .

Gee I wrote  that…???? then ?? .. hmmm..

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Spirit of Self

This was written on the same evening of the previous work . I use my writing to help journey deep in side my mind to seek out what may be troubling my soul and try to some how feel my self healing by my words . I hope you enjoy this piece ..Please share the post with those on you friends list if they may benefit ..

Love to you all Gary

Spirit of Self


Touch my hand and you shall feel me

Hear my voice and you shall know me

See my face and you shall realise me


Touch your hand and I try to feel you

Hear your voice and I try to listen

See your face and I feel your heart


Bring out your anger and set it free

Cry out your sadness and let it be

Know my name and know it is me

Open your heart and open it to me

So my heart may show you the way


Gary Darbyshire  © 2000   13/11-

“ Where to now God ??? “

Written in the year 2000 over ten years ago . A piece that pushed boundaries and at the time when in my journey my mind was being stretched by so many variables such as job loss , parentals issues and personal struggles . It was a time of darkness . it was a time where i was really struggling with my own existence  as a human being . I have talked of lower level emotions and this poem certainly touches those .  there are more of my works to come . this is just a taste ,,,     Bless you all …


Gary Darbyshire  20/2/2010

Where to Now God ?

I struggle choking back tears

Why is my life so cruel ?

What is it that God sees in me ?

In my existence I wonder why I be

Do I deserve the torture ?

Who am I really kidding , my words or my voice ?

Does God have meaning for me in the world ?

If he does . please show me God for I am confused with life right now

Like  a fork in the road


I love my family though I’m struggling to show .

My heart cries out,   where do I go

You show me now signs ,  just more tests

I love my wife she shelters my soul though

Even she isn’t with me when I m down

When I wonder what its is you have planned for my journey in life

Do your disciples feel I am wasting my time

Why do send your demons to haunt my mind ?

Have I disappointed you so much to be scorned ?


Just say the words I long to hear for I feel god that I will never hear !!

My life is a misery but I will try my best to serve you , so please God

show me some light , don't let me stop or give up my life , show me the way

back to your heart and tell my wife that i love here and I am deeply sorry and

that I do indeed care ….



Gary Darbyshire © 2000   13/11-


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Join me , I’m having a moment !!!

During  therapy I was often told not to think about what hasn’t happened  . during my time with my Psych dude I wondered what really is the point . I thought

“ Why am I not further ahead in time here , why am I stuck here in the moment “

Today I heard of the tragedy of the Georgian Luger and how he died . It saddened me to think that it happened so fast in a matter of seconds his life went from total excitement and exhilaration to tragedy .  A tragedy  in any ones mind .  

How many times have you tried to hurry your life ?? Go on ask your self .  Right now it is raining here where I live in Australia and I wonder geez just hurry up and stop raining . I wonder what power I have to shift the moment !!!  .

Guess life doesn’t work like that . I believe  our lives are a series of moments . Some happy some sad , some angry , some ecstatic , some intimate , some confusing , some funny  some non plus , some humiliating , some proud , some lonely ….

Get the picture .. ???

May be we focus too much on how to get there  rather than the journey and its experiences .  You know my life is no different to yours . Except for the moments in between …

My Psych and one special other tell me to live for now and not worry for what may or may not happen to enjoy the moment . It is the one particle of life that allows me to stop breathing and just live in a freefall as I experience  It is some thing that no on can interfere with and often cannot be planned and as my daughter says

“ That's so Random “ ..

So I encourage you all to live the moment as it is the greatest gift you have and know that living in the moment prepares you for al that my come you way ..

So I would define life as millions of moments for us all to experience . Some planned yet many unplanned .. I guess My Psych was right in saying I cannot always  think what may or may not happen in the future , but I can have a say in the moment . and may be that's the point … while you are in the moment you are able to think a lot more clearly as nothing else matters and may be in that moment just may be you may help your future a little ...   ( There's one for Quantum thinking ) ...

  Be all you can be and live the moment !!!!

Ok . have a look at the video to understand my view a little better ..
See you all soon ….  Gary Darbyshire ….on a journey to happiness

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love your self part two " Empowerment :

Because it is time we all listened to our selves ....

This video will touch you no matter where you are in your journey ..It certainly brought a  few tears to my little eyes yet it also made me better stronger and able to consider my life thus far and move further forward in my jpurney to happiness ..

So I share it with you .. ..share with others too

Bless You all my friends ........................................

I found this by the way of one of my followers . they know who they are .. Thank you

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Be all you can be and all that you are

Be all that you can be and all that you are to be . Never for a moment allow your self to be told other wise . No matter where you are in life at the moment . Know that your truth of who you are will allow you to move forward .

Life has always had a way of telling me  and the more and more I try to reject my calling in life the harder it seems to get .. Its like my soul yearns to be free to wonder the world and experience all that is good in the world yet a part of me does not wish to put out and live that truth ..

Some one told me a few days ago .


“ Don’t live a fake life ,   don’t put on an act

to  suit others  Just be you . “


Its like an inner voice tells me to listen . To really listen to what rings true inside and go with it . To believe that all things are possible to believe life is great and there is no reason I should be a part of it .

However well I am I realise to be really well I need to breathe the truth of my soul through every vein of my body . In the last post I talked about the need to love my self . Depression is a little bit of a menace at times as it taints those feelings making you see the world ion a very different light almost as if through a veil of dis trust . as if love is a competitor in your quest to be free .

I used to think who could love such a pathetic soul . who would put up with one so humiliated , so low in esteem so brash with the malicious intent on hurting not just the feelings of others but in the feelings of himself ..

I think through my therapy I learned how to ever so slowly listen to my voices in a different way . I learned that it is ok to be sad but not to be sad all  the time . I learned it was ok to be angry but not every day . I learned it was ok to love and it was ok to love me every day .


“ Please God I’m ready to learn ”



I learned that if I let people in I may learn that I was ok any way ….that no one could harm me, that if I loved my self and cared about my own dignity I would learn to move forward .  At times writing this blog and my book are is very difficult as I grapple with emotional dissonance .  I know that there is no excuse for sitting with my security blanket and covering my eyes . I know I must at some stage realise my life is great now and that I can be all that  I put my mind to and all that my soul is doing  is guiding me through a few narrow channels until the levels even out again .

So my moral today is love all there is about your self . look at life as a gift from God and an opportunity for your soul to take a journey through many emotions , some good some bad , and while on that journey its up to you to help guide that soul too so you both arrive safely to ,,,,,, well where ever Gods pathway will take you on your journey to happiness


Love to all ..

Gary Darbyshire  © 2010 ..

Monday, February 8, 2010

Learn to love you first

From the moment he walked through the door he could see that his spirit was not alone . He knew in his mind the torturous emptiness he was feeling needed to be dealt with before his mind would totally lose it self inside a chasm of his ego and never be the same again

What sort of a  dream was this .???

 Depressed and talking to God !!!

The room was lit with golden  lamps that seemed to bow over head . Almost looking like Daffodils   bowing before him as he passed though a  great hall which was decadently  attired with all manor of marble floor coverings .

He tried to wake up from this nonsensical reality  but the harder he tried the brighter the images became .  He felt as if he was being ushered before some great being or some thing .. Was he in heaven .. Gee if it was it had great offerings .. As he moved closer to a great golden light source in the distance he saw his life being thrown at him . He could hear him self in parts of his life . he could see and feel exactly what happened ... Why was this being shown to him .  As if he was experiancing every lower emotion in his body .

" Almost as if a force far greater 
was fine tuning his soul "

abandonment , grief , anger , discontent , humility , rage , envy , jealousy , regret , acknowledgement , disapproval , insecurity .. selfishness , conceitedness , hate , pity , pride 

All being thrown though him by the light which was now in front of him ..  getting weaker he knew he needed to act but how ???  he was being sucked in to the light and its low emotions . too weak to think , he thought for what seemed like an eternity ...  then he screamed out at the light 


" I refuse to accept these emotions , I refuse to live with them" .

The light still undeterred kept up its pace of emotive suggestions which continued to weaken him 

Shame , disgust , arrogant who cares , victim , useless , no hoper , never get any where in life ,   never  amount to  anything , depressed , cry baby ,  snap out of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

" ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh " 

Then silence every where and all of a sudden the lights dimmed ... the lamps pulsed softly as if a mother was nurturing her baby as if it was learning to love for the first time .. he  sat down and prayed to the light 

" Please help me be all that I am , please help me be true to myself , please help me be the man my family love and want to be around . Please help me understand grace in my life and please help me Love myself again so I may be a great person in my own life with out fear of worry of other peoples lives  " 

The lights turned to a beautiful shade of emerald green yet translucent and very vivid 
though his soul he felt the light source trying to tune in to his heart and touch him softly on the cheek . Just like a mother to her baby for the first time .. 

The light source then softly spoke in a serene male voice 

" Child of the universe may you accept willingly whom you are and  in the scheme of things  is not the path you are on but the journey you undertake .  It appears that you may have not been listening to your soul ,Then   how could you  ?.   your ego is full to the brim of devious  ideology .  Learn to listen to your heart and as it beats take a  nice  feeling from it and allow it to flow through your body ... 

 Choose to be true to your self . Stop being selfish to others , stop playing the poor me , stop complaining about where you stand on the ladder of life and be grateful for at least having life 

 enjoy the wonderful journey your soul is taking you on " 

He breathed out and listened to his heart beat . one blinding emotion came  out above all the others .  

" Self love "

Tears streamed from his colourless face and beaten body and as they slid down his face they formed words in floating puddles in front of his body saying to him 

" It is time to live the life you have . It starts with you Gary it starts with you " 

He weeped  openly and unashamedly now almost uncontrollably 

" God loves you and wants you to be all you can be . He wants you to love all you are .  He wants you to strive to be all you can be  however  to do this you must start to build love for your self .  Choose a positive path for you and the rest will follow . Loving you means you will love others better and in turn eventually they will love you in return  Worry not that they put you down .   Dont be brought down by their own weaknesses , be strong with in your own self .  know that they too have their own issues to deal with not the same as you but in their own way they too have lessons to learn of themselves .  Just love all that you are right now as little as it seems and keep breathing kindness around your soul so it to may work with your heart to strengthen you and ensure your path on this journey is forward moving " 

He felt himself being slowly  moving back , he felt confused yet insatiable at the same time . He felt he had the strength to move up out of the darkness . He kneeled and prayed again on last time

" It will be done and it will be so . thank you for showing me that my life reallty is great and not as difficult as it may seem to me and that i have the power to change who I am so I can impact on how others may react . " 
" Bless you  and thank you " 

Finally as the lights faded away he whispered ever so lightly in to his heart 

"  I love myself  first   "

Gary Darbyshire  2010 (c) copyright 

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