Saturday, January 9, 2010

The stigma of Mental illness - A video I can relate to ...

 I found this on one of my followers sites on Mental illness awareness . Its somes up so many things  for me . how when I was in a dark place I wondered what people thought of me or if they thought less of me especially my family ,

 Did they understand what I was going through , did they care or understand How I felt . I often thought I was some sort of  absolute nut case !!!!!!  I often had voices in my head making me feel so alone

Mental illness is many things . Its easy to say that now as I am  ok at the moment but I still worry about the stigma I have attached to me at times and wonder if I will ever feel be fully accepted by  every one else in my family,,,

But you know  I wouldnt change me for any one . I think my family understand me a little better now and if they don't well  its not my problem any way  ..

Bless you all ..

If one of you gets this then  thats one less stigma to worry about in the world ..

Blessings to all of you especially my family .. yep all of you .. in laws included ...most specially 

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