Friday, January 15, 2010

I am choosing to set myself free ..

" Forgive me "

As I continue on my journey to happiness,  I realise now more than ever there are many steps to climb many emotions to manage and many memories to live that ,  I have tried to hide inside me to hold away from my heart and lock away in the darkest recesses of my mind

I feel it is time to release from my life lower level emotions that I have carried around since childhood . One of the most significant of these I feel as my mind ponders is the emotion of :

" forgiveness  "

As I watched the following video, tears streamed down my face in to a puddle in my hand 

 I really need to learn to forgive my self for who I am  , I need to realise the beauty that beholds me . I need to let go of my past to stop playing the victim in this journey . as the video notes it describes Forgiveness in two parts

1.   To release others 

So with that I forgive all those in my my life who I  have held any negative emotion due to any circumstance , event or emotion that has lowered my opinion of you for any reason what so ever . I realise you are souls on your own journey and I should not bring any more disharmony to the world by holding it inside me 

2. and the greater of the two

" To forgive your self for allowing your self to be bound by negative emotions " 

So I will unchain my self and allow my self  to unshackle my own chains that have tied my down for so many years and learn to use this new emotion that ai through my life have locked in a box ....

As I un blurr my eyes to the new world I see in front of me I send blessings to those in the world whom I have held  unforgiving  thoughts, I  hope now that the world I live in will shine as i continue my journey to happiness ...

I forgive you and I forgive my self
I release to the world any negative emotions
I learn to accept things and people for what they are
I learn to love me and fly above all to reach my truth ...

Blessings to all
Mr Gary Darbyshire ...

P.S. I need a macchiatto !!..My mascara is running ....

Please watch the video and you may relate or understand what I  am trying to get across .

Comments always welcome ..

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