Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy new year to all my followers !!!!!!! " Im back !!!

I have been a way over the festive season and have stayed away from the online world albeit a sneak peak at a resort town   Cafe where for a few minutes I  sneaked a peak ..

I have just spent 14 days camping in a beautiful place called Nelsons Bay about 2 hours north of Sydney in New South Wales Australia ..

It was a time to

"  Soak my soul in salty water to heal a few old wounds "

I also had my Dad with me and my family for several days .. Relaxing  near the beach or just walking on the sand we wee able to be at one with each other in a relaxed way , We allowed ourselves to talk about the more candid things in both our lives such as who we had loved who we had lost and how we had now both found happiness in our lives .

( Why I have not written part three of the renunin post  yet  ) 

I have received some heart warming comments and offers of Hugs from places as far flung as Wales , Norway and France  . it is pleasing to  know my words are bringing some happiness to you and feel extremely flattered and humbled by all of you regarding the reunion posts

 I believe  I  should use caution and respect in my writing while understanding the power of my emotions and memories and the impact both on myself and I would imagine others reading these blogs may also relate to some of the postings as I have had a few messages sent to me relating in different ways from you .

I have much to write and after a 2 week break whcih included lots of love form all my family I will begin my journey with you all again ..


May God Bless your souls in 2010 and may his angels sprinkle golden dust of fortune upon you all for your year ahead ... Love to all and happy journeys your souls may take ...

Blessings for 2010


Journey back to happiness

Would love to hear you r commnets  your commnents  or suggestions below to help me enhance your experiance ... why not say something ..  in comments below

infinate love and gratitude to al of you .....Gary 

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