Saturday, January 9, 2010

Appreciate what is right in the World , A kiss, and a video to learn from

When we look at what is right with the world,  rather than what isn't.  We learn to appreciate just how lucky we are to live on this planet .  This morning I woke up tired because of course I had been writing last night and I was tired .  I floated to the coffee machine with out even considering even what time it was . made my morning coffee and then kissed my wife on the forehead .. 

May be I should have taken the time to kiss my wife on the forehead before I even thought about myself . I guess what I am  trying to say is  celebrate first what is right with the world . just celebrate and appreciate just how wonderful she was and how wonderful I was becoming after  listening to my self more .. 

My wife was watching the video I am about to share with you  . I thought another feel good video . thats cool  she was shedding a tear .. and said

"  Gary you have to watch this video ...." 

" So I did  "

The video brought home to me how important my writing really is and now I will write with more purpose and determination . As a sufferer of the D word  . I have had to learn about simple things and how to change something that is in black and white and turn it in to colour if even for a moment ..I  will also kiss my wife more often and thank her for being part of my life

I hope to keep bringing colour to peoples lives.   as the producer of the video below  " Dewitt  Jones"  says

" Find a vision of who we are and where we are going  and keep the vision clear .... and live in to our dreams " 

 What ever your dream on this planet  see all things as potentially beautiful ..

Blessings to you all again .....

Gary Darbyshire .

Celebrate What's Right With The World

Lazarus! - The Resurrected | MySpace Video

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