Tuesday, December 1, 2009

" May God hold You In the palm of His hands "

Photography by My talented Daughter Adelina

May God hold you in  the palm of his hands. 

May your spirits enlighten your soul and may the Angels of Christmas sing glorious tunes to enlighten your heart as it beats day after day and may God hold you in the palm of his hand in wonderment of your inner beauty

May a moment in time last hours in your mind and may the colours you imagine intensify so as to heighten your love for the greatness that you are

May God's love give you strength to be happy today knowing a day is a long time in your life and happiness should be seen in every moment of every dew drop and every bubble in your bath ,,,

May the waters from the heavens shower you like a water fall and replenish the faith in your self to carry on and as the black birds pray for you they will sing your favaourate song

And may God hold you in the palm .......of his hands

...Gary Darbyshire 2009 copyright (c)

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