Thursday, December 17, 2009

The importance of being true to your self

 Never allow anyone no matter who they are in your life make you believe you are lesser a person than they are EVER !!!! Always have a belief in your own souls greatness and let not words or humility change you ...


House keeping:

  1. Many have asked me to write a Christmas follow up to my little memory note I put on here a few weeks ago. I'm in the process of doing that and will post it in the next few days.


  2. Many of you have asked about the re union with my father last week on my face book page and in my inbox . I could write a book on it . I am still gathering my thoughts on it and have a draft form of it . It will be posted next week and will be well worth reading. Needless to say . it was a life changing event in my short life


  3. I have been asked to contribute to a couple of online sites for work and also here on the WWW so my work is being noticed.


Journal entry 18th February 2008 11.35 pm

Edited version

I see you a little better when the sun is outside my mind shining in


Your mind so talented, searching for a mind to heal, a smile to rebuild form the unfortunate events it has endured in its expression. Let go of your mind and allow your sweetness to pour, don't discriminate, let the love juices of your heart flow through our world to colour the sky and protect us from the approaching fears we have about ourselves,

I see you better when the sun is outside my mind, though there are a few puzzles to solve in some small ways. When you are kind to me my mind lights up a thousand street lights of happiness. Though I know my mind sits in the lining of the clouds above yet some times when you peer in with light for me and not darkness of an approaching storm I see you a little better and the sun shines through me and allows me to warm my soul and dry myself form any cold front that might have been lurking..



Gary Darbyshire © 2009 copyright

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