Saturday, November 14, 2009

So why am I here and where am I going ??

You are fortunate to take this journey with me As I write my book on my Journey back to happiness . A collection of thoughts. stories . experiences , creative philosophies and inspirational stuff I have created over many years,  which I have decided now to bring out of my head for the better ment of people .

If one person reads one sentence in my book , blog or is inspiredby my poetry , prose , music or other multimedia and

" feels better for it than before they have read it "

Then I have succeeded . This is not about me . However the journey taken in my mind over the last decade will bring out many things.   I hope will l allow people who have suffered of are suffering form mental illness may relate to or may help in some way not to feel alone anymore

I am also writing it for me as a part of my own therapy .I have been a closet writer for a long time and have many works . This is a medium that allows me to interact and expolore my own feelings not in a way to expose or draw attention to myself for selfish egotistic reasons but to allow my self an out let to be me and reach out ..   Yes I will be publishing in the real world but the blog is a helpful way for me to gain feed back and assist me in creating dialouge as a pre text .

So if you are a publisher , Yes I would like to talk ,  but for now I am just enjoying my new found passion to write again  .  Over all I have learned to love me in the process .I may feel  on top of the word today tomorrow I may not but I have  learned now by accepting the wonderful gifts I have with in myself not to be a victim and mov ever forward ..

If you are reading this on face book , over time I will be using it more as  multi media capabilities are greater . Join as a fan or a follower and I encourage comments to help me improve or to encourage group dialogue on a range of issues ..    And please suggest  or promote the site to   your friends so they may also enjoy or gain some thing .

Blessings to all today 
I hope you have enjoyed my contributions so far ...

May the Sun smile down on your heart and sing a song of happiness every time you praise your self for how wonderful you really are and even if you dont may the sun shine more happiness on your soul than ever before

Copyright (c) Gary Darbyshire 2009

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