Sunday, November 29, 2009

Journal entry from 14/06/08 Spirit in Disharmony

Never allow the discourse of another spirit's emotion cloud the vision of who you are . Never allow yourself to be forced in to their vacuum of doubt within you. No matter how it may be projected whether internal of not .


" Far Stronger am I for choosing who I am for me and not to sit in the warm cosy pool of some ones ego ."


Today I realised how shallow some pools can be and allowed myself to drown in my own tears of hurt for someone whom my love has been forever strong , Whether it is their ego or indeed their projection of their disconnectedness , I am not sure .



My ego my fight to connect with the entering thoughts and accept them as given, but my spirit knows better and the strength my soul has learned to acquire . I am able to filter out the noise and nonsensical garbage and listen to the subtleness of tone and dissolve and softly nurture the aggressions until they are like silent notes between the harmonies



Spiritual channel

  • That which is un required in your memory
  • Learn to filter the emotion from the meaning of the communication
  • Allow your inner spirit to guide your thought processes during these times and remember tat is is not you they are targeting and though at times it may seem sad in your life to hear negative thoughts bombard you r mind constantly

" it is you who makes a conscious choice to let it affect your position , thus be true to yourself and do not allow the shallowness of a pool to drown you "






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