Sunday, October 25, 2009

What has barbershop got to do with it ??

What has depression to with Hats , singing and Barbershop ?????

About a year and a half ago I thought all was great in life   again

Great  Family ??
Great Job ??
Great opportunities ??
Roosters were in the top 8  ??

I didnt even think about singing at that stage , yep I had a voice and it wasnt too bad but it was not high on my priorities .. ..

Some how all was not right in my life . I wondered if every thing is so good Why do I feel empty , like my soul was missing something ??? I began thinking my life was not as good as other people I knew .

I thought why do I not have a better position I have been here for nearly 3 and  a helf years .
I thought i have 2 masters degrees  ( a left over from another low cycle )

I started a singing course with AAMBS in Wiollongong   " Illawarrra Chordiality "  after two membes of my family suggested it too me as I sing a lot all the time ...

Barber shop !!!! what the hell is that it is for OLD buggers !!!! . God is this what I am stuck with ??

I did the six week course . ( Not reallty sure what it was .. ) I know I starteed singing as a lead ... thinking why is this not high .. and singing a song called whispering .. in such low notes as a lead ??? . Well I guess  I got through that .

We did a concert for family and friends .. and I guess  was still curious .. I passed my Audition and was asked to sing tenor .. probabty to make up numbers ?? 

2 weeks after that i stopped going ...stopped singing , threw it in , couldnt care less !!!!

then let the story begin ,,,

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